Going inward

Happy Solstice, dear friends.

I’ll be celebrating the Winter Solstice with a candlelit restorative yoga workshop co-taught by one of my dearest friends.

I am feeling the call to be inward and focus on my own healing journey, so I am taking a sabbatical from teaching yoga and also energy healing.

I am focusing my energies on feeding myself, my yoga practice, my meditation practice, learning to listen deeply and feed my passions.

I am continuing to offer essential oil consultations. Our family absolutely loves using essential oils and have completely embraced using them in so many aspects of our lives. They are improving our family’s health on a physical and emotional level in so many ways.

May you find some quiet moments today to connect with and hear your heart’s longing and calling.


I loved Lissa Rankin’s TEDx talk, The Shocking Truth about Health.

Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community OwningPink.com. Discouraged by the broken, patriarchal health care system, she left her medical practice in 2007 only to realize that you can quit your job, but you can’t quit your calling.

She teaches both patients and health care professionals how to make the body ripe for miracles by healing the mind and being healthy in all aspects of life, not just by promoting healthy behaviors like good nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, but by encouraging health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and living environment. She is leading a revolution to feminize how health care is received and delivered by encouraging collaboration, fostering self-healing, reconnecting health care and spirituality, empowering patients to tap into the mind’s power to heal the body, and encouraging women not to settle for being merely well, but to strive for living vital, joyful, authentic lives full of “mojo.”

I really resonated with her model of health and love that her background is a physician. Imagine a world of physicians and healers who help individuals to empower themselves to heal holistically by considering all aspects of their health (what she refers to as the “whole health cairn”):

  • physical health;
  • mental health;
  • financial health;
  • environmental health;
  • sexual health;
  • creativity;
  • work / life purpose;
  • healthy relationships;
  • spirituality – connection with the divine;
  • listening to one’s “inner pilot light” / intuition / highest Self; and
  • focusing on gratitude, pleasure and love.

This is a model of whole health that I really resonate with, continue to explore in my own life, and encourage and support this exploration with my clients.

I invite you to support Dominique Hurley’s Vienna Visionary Art Scholarship. She is answering a Spirit Call to be part of the inaugural class at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts and your support will make it happen. She is offering many unique goods based on her art and photography in exchange for your support.

In Dominique’s words…

I’m answering a Spirit Call to be part of the inaugural class at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Arts for one trimester and your support will make it happen. I trust that the unique Goods I am offering you in exchange will inspire you.

I found out about the school the day it was publicly launched – their website sent chills through my entire being.  The following few days brought many undeniable signs confirming my initial intuitive guidance to join this group. I’ve since paid my housing and tuition deposits. I’m committed!

In Austria, I will focus on learning to draw, sacred geometry, and evoking subject matter for painting through visualization and visionary healing modalities.  These will all enhance the energy work I already share with the world through my art. I know, however, that I am being guided there for much more than just learning to draw – I could do that here – so I look forward to experiencing the reasons I’m meant to be there as I once again embrace the mystery and take the leap of faith. By funding this scholarship, you’re supporting my life’s mission to explore and express my love of beauty and the beauty of love – and the gifts to our human community that result from my following my heart. 

I am a huge fan of Dominique Hurley’s work and we have a collection of her paintings in our living room and my healing room. I am wholeheartedly supporting her campaign with a contribution and plan to add yet another one of her paintings to my ever-growing collection.

Find out more about Dominique’s work, her Spirit Call and her crowd funding campaign here.

Enjoy her artwork here.

Follow her on Facebook here.


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